Casa Aromatica Maria - Surroundings

  • 2-6 Persons
  • 60 m2
  • 100 m2

The property is physically divided by the surrounding forrest and yet it’s the natural part of it.
In the springtime you will be part of the awakening nature, you can fully enjoy the colours and scents, and also you can pick the healthy herbs that are freely growing everywhere.
In the summer, apart from enjoying beautiful Mediterranean sun and sea, you can taste the abundant grapes and figs that are growing in the property.
In the autumn you can take part in olive picking.
In the winter there is total peace, the weather is mild and the long walks through the forrest or by the sea are the most natural thing to do.
In any season Casa Aromatica Maria provides a perfect retreat for the nature lovers and a total, relaxing relief from modern, stressful way of living.

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